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Sayaka Oya












Born on October 29, 1984.

The painter loves games, Japanimation, and lemons. 

While working as an fashion designer, she continued to paint and becamean independent in 2015.

Her works for social communications themes and draw food, the sky, and people as symbols.

She is involved in a wide range of activities, including providing drawings for

advertisement, movies, TV dramas, and appearing in commercials.

She spent her childhood surrounded by archaeology and history under the influence of her father,

and not surprisingly she caught the "Chu-ni-byo(childish syndrome)". 

She graduated from the it once he entered high school, but he was influenced by video games,

cartoons, and anime, and he has been working in the Chu-ni-byo is back again.

However, she has been influenced by video games, manga, and back again, 

and has been able to continue to work in her style of production. 


2022  『The Collage Exhibition』 グループ展 参加

2021    TVアニメ『ブルーピリオド』AKIBA_ICHI ライブペイント

2021    TVアニメ『ブルーピリオド』×『ターナー色彩』コラボのポストカード デザイン

2021  『牛宮城』絵画制作

2021    池袋PARCO内コミニュティ・アトリエスペース 『ARTIE'S PARCO』オープン

2020  『友近ゆりやんの時間』ロゴ、タイトルバック デザイン

2020  『nine colors』グループ展 参加

2020  『SHIBUYA STYLE vol.13』グループ展 参加

2019  『SONY so-net 「ONLINE LIVE ART つながるアーティスト」篇』CM 出演

2019  『宝塚記念2019』(阪急ビッグマン前広場)ライブペイント

2019  『愛しのダディー殺害計画』(Directed by イリエナナコ)

2019  『リフォーム産業新聞』インタヴュー掲載

2018  『a.saught(2018-2019AW colection)』カタログへの作画提供

2018  『AYNIW TEPO(1st full album「Beautiful Vibrations」)』アートワーク全般

2017  『#声だけ天使 (Abema TV オリジナルドラマ)』ライブペイント監修

▼Biography *Some excerpts

2023 "TOKYO ISLANDS BOX"  Live painting / Workshop supervision

2022 "The Collage Exhibition" Group exhibition

2021 TV animation "Blue Period" at AKIBA_ICHI Live painting

2021 Collaboration for TV animation "Blue Period" and "Turner Color Co., Ltd.  Postcard design

2021 "Gyugujo"  Painting offer

2021  Community atelier space "ARTIE'S PARCO" in Ikebukuro PARCO  Supervision

2020 "Tomochika Yuriyan no Jikan" Logo and title back design

2020 Participates in "nine colors" Group exhibition

2020 Participated in "SHIBUYA STYLE vol.13" Group exhibition

2019 "SONY so-net -ONLINE LIVE ART Tsunaguru Artist-" In that commercial

2019 "Takarazuka Kinen 2019" (plaza in front of Hankyu Big Man) Live painting

2019 "Lovley Daddy Killing Plan" (Directed by Irie Nanako)Painting offer

2019 "Reform Sangyo Shinbun" Interview Published

2018 "a.saught (2018-2019AW colection)" made art for catalog

2017 "#Voice Only Angel (Abema TV original drama)" Live painting supervision

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